Health mediators on European Roma Summit

4 April 2014 

On 4 april 2014 in Brussels was held European Roma Summit to rewiew the progress made on the integration of Roma in the EU member countries. The meeting was attended by about 500 representatives from EU institutions, national governments and parliaments, mayors, cicil society organizations (including Roma organizations), as well as local and regional authorities. They expressed their views on additional measures that could be taken for the implementation and development of the EU framework about national strategies for Roma integration. Working on the local level for Roma inclusion in EU and acceding countries was the main topic.


Among representatives from Bulgarian delegation was Anife Hasan - member of the Managing Board of the National Network of Health Mediators, who was nominated and chosen by members of National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues.


The main issues discussed in the meeting were:

- Implementation of policies on local level including all Roma.

- How EU funding could reach local and regional authorities to support Roma integration.

- Roma integration on the local level in acceding countries.


In the Evaluation of European Commision for Integration of Roma in Health as good examples were pointed out the work of Health mediators, vaccine prophylactics and screening with Medical Mobile Units. The extention of these activities was recommended. The main challenge for Bulgaria remains the provision of health insurance coverage for all.