"Let's Talk About Protection"

May 2014 

In the end of May 2014 Association "National Network of Helth Mediators" in partnership with European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and World Health Communication Associates (WHCA) finished the project "Let's Talk About Protection". The project was aimed to facilitate communication between haelthcare providers (GPs, nurses, physicians, Health mediators) and parents on vaccine-preventable diseases. 


In 2012-2013 in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary were translated and culturally-adapted Childhood Vaccination Communication Action Guide and Handbook/Flipbook. They provide extensive information about vaccine-preventable diseases, benefits of immunization, answers for frequently asked questions by parents about vaccination and other useful information.  


Bulgaria was identified as suitable for the Evaluation survey on the effectiveness of both materials among different target groups. The Survey continued 6 months (December 2013 - May 2014).  


Bulgarian team developed two additional materials to help Health mediators to attract the attention of the most vulnerable groups to immunizations:

- Bulgarian Vaccine Schedule - funny sticker that parents could stick on a convenient place at home to remind them when they should take their children to the doctor for immunization. 

- Colourful Badge for children - it says "I am Protected" and Health mediators gave it as a present after successful immunization.