Mobile Units for Health Screening

17 December 2013

Every year in Bulgaria Health mediators contribute to the activity of mobile medical units in different Roma settlements. These medical units are provided by Ministry of Health and administered by Regional Health Inspectorates (RHI). The units are pediatric, obstetric and gynecological, lung ultrasound, taking blood tests for hepatitis and HIV.


In 2013 almost all Health mediators trained under the project “Together for Better Health” helped over 3000 people to do prophylactic tests. In communication between “National Health Mediators Network” and representatives from RHIs, physicians share that Health mediators talk with people. They explain people what tests will be provided and how medics could help people. This is essential for good organization before and during the examinations.


In oppinion of Health mediators there are many problems - technical mainly. However Health mediators are satisfied with the work of the mobile teams. HMs are already preparing for the visits of mobile units in 2014.