Partners Hungary Foundation 


Partners Hungary Foundation’s goal is a diverse, accepting, open society that is able to integrate the values of different

cultures, on the individual (personal) and at social level- the society in which equality of opportunity for creating situations

for personal fulfillment are present. Partners aims at creating a culture of collaboration and dissemination, as well as the

prevention and solutions to conflicts. Target groups of the Foundation are: civil society, business community, and escpecially

groups and individuals who suffer from discrimination. Partners has initiated several projects to support integration of Roma

communities and to improve their health condition through mediation.

Partners Hungary Foundation has been the Hungarian focal point for the ROMED-ROMACT Program - the Roma Mediation

initiative of the European Council. In the framework of the ROMED project, 15 countries participated, including Hungary,

and Roma Mediators were trained by using the European Roma Meditors’ training program.

Based on the ROMED training program and on our 20 years of experience in mediation, we trained 20 Roma Mediators

in the TG4BH progam. The main objective of the project is to support better access to health services for the Roma, the

development of their health awareness through the training, and employment of Roma Mediators. Another aim is to

establish the profession of Roma Intercultural Mediators in Hungary.

At local level, Partners work with participatory democratic methods - such as cooperative planning - and based on this

method are implementing the micro projects. Community roundtable planning leads to the execution of a micro-project in

each settlement. Micro project reflects the most pressing health related issues raised by the community. The target groups

of the micro projects are the local disadvantaged communities and Roma and population, together with local health care

service providers (nurses, GPs) and Local Council leaders. In the framework of the TG4BH progam, 12 Mediators were

employed for minimum duration of one year and more than 20 health care activities / micro projects were implementred,

such as health days in the settlements, building of more than 100 outdoor wooden toilets, a salt-room in a Kindergarden,

providing access to contraceptive devices and raising awarness about it, coacroach clearing, painting of the houses by

involving the members of the communities. Due to the work of Roma Mediators and the program TG4BH we reached more

the 1500 Roma people whose living conditions were improved.

Partners Hungary Alapítvány és Mediációs Központ

Partners Hungary Foundation and Mediation Centre