First health mediator hired

10 Dec 2013

In April 2013, four health mediators graduated the nine months training organized by SASTIPEN. During the training, the mediators were hired through Together for Better Health, while the mayors had committed to hire them once they graduate. Since April, OvidiuRo has been constantly working with the authorities to help them through the hiring process. After eight months, Nicoleta Ardelean from Intorsura Buzaului is the first to be officially hired as health mediator by the City Hall. Nicoleta is 22 and the mother of a three year old, and she lives in Floroaia Mica, the poorest neighborhood in Intorsura Buzaului. She was recommended for the position because she was the only woman who had the educational qualifications needed for completing the training, and the desire to help improve the health condition of her community members. It is not an easy task, as it takes a lot of time, diplomacy and resilience to be accepted and trusted by the people in the community, especially for someone as young as Nicoleta, but she is now determined to follow this path. 
We continue to work with the City Halls to hire Gabriela Gaspar, the Hetea health mediator (this is expected to happen in January), and Maria Haut in Vurpar. In September, Angela Musca from Brateiu was hired in the public system, but as a preschool teacher – she currently works as health mediator in the program as a volunteer.