Medical caravan in Nou village, Sibiu county

15-16 March 2014

Imagine a rural school becoming a medical clinic; a second grade class transformed into an echography room or a first grade class set up like a pediatric cabinet. It happened in Rosia, Sibiu, where the school in Nou village became, for two days, a medical clinic. 27 students and 12 specialized doctors offered free consultations for 240 patients (150 adults and 90 children). Many of the patients admitted that they had not been seen by a doctor in a while and were very glad for this opportunity. They received medicine, medical letters for continued investigations, they had EKGs or ecograph tests. A group of young women from the village participated in the HPV prevention course and children took part in the Little Doctor workshop where they learned about personal hygiene and healthy nutrition. The medical caravan is part of the Together for Rural Health project initiated by a group of medicine students in Bucharest:

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