Historically the first General Assembly of the Association of Health Field Assistants (ATZA)

On 02/27/2014, the first meeting of General Assembly of ATZA members (the supreme body of the Association) was held in hotel Satel, Poprad.

The Association of Health Field Assistants was established in 2012 on a proposal of coordinators and assistants of health edification within project Healthy Communities, which is implemented by the Association for Culture, Education and Communication. We supported this proposal and we helped to establish this civic association.

The aim of the Association is to unite assistants and coordinators of all health edification programmes in Roma settlements in Slovakia, to create space for exchange of experience, suggestions for improvements and new innovative practices in implemented projects and health edification programmes.

This secures and strengthens the support of direct civic activities of people working in the field, most of which are inhabitants of Roma settlements.

Progress and assessment of ATZA´s activities

ATZA is a relatively young civic association (2012). Together with ACEC, they initiated the establishment of the Platform for Support of Health of Disadvantaged Groups (PPZZS), which currently implements the nationwide project Healthy Communities.

In a short time, the number of members has increased from several dozens to 162 and is still growing. Besides already implemented initiatory and advisory activities, ATZA also published the magazine Pro Sastipen/For Health. The first issue was presented at General Assembly and an electronic version is available at ACEC website.  

In the near future ATZA has prepared a number of programmes and activities for the “Water Day“ and „Earth Day“, and in June this year an exchange of experience with students of the University of Wisconsin.

The Vice-Chairman, Committee members of the Association and controller were elected at the General Assembly.

Bc. Mária Nazarejová remains as Chairwoman of the Committee of Association until the end of her term in office. Mgr. Richard Koky was elected as Vice-Chairman of the Committee of Association, Mgr. Michal Kubo remains as member of the Committee for another term, Mgr. Albín Cina and Rudolf Rusňák were elected as additional members. MUDr. Elena Marušáková, MBA, was elected as controller.

The end of the General Assembly was dedicated to awarding of certificates of completion of the course accredited by MESRS SR with nationwide validity -  Health Edification Assistant in Roma communities (88 hrs.) to all successful graduates who have completed the training´s final test. Coordinators and assistants of the nationwide project Healthy Communities received their certificates from the chief coordinator RNDr. Zuzana Pálošová PhD.