The Together for Better Health collaboration brings together five like-minded organizations that share expertise and resources to influence, tackle, and solve problems faced by Roma communities. Among the key initiatives within the project, we work to increase health awareness, to combat poor health conditions found, to provide preventative healthcare, and to reduce infectious diseases and infant mortality.

This initiative is a key part of GSK’s extensive programme of global community investment to improve health, increase access to medicines and healthcare services. Our collaboration with four non-government organization partners (National Network of Health Mediators, Partners Hungary, OvidiuRo Association, and Association for Culture, Education and Communication) in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia was launched in 2011 to expand access to healthcare for socially-excluded Roma communities.

As one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Europe, over five million Roma live in settlements that often lack clean drinking water and basic sanitation. Living in such conditions, their access to healthcare, medicine, and education is severely restricted. Together for Better Health has trained 87 health mediators to improve health awareness and tackle high rates of infectious diseases and child mortality among Roma communities. Our efforts have benefitted nearly 150,000 children living across 115 Roma settlements.

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