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• Semmelweis University - Faculty of Health Sciences:

• National Institute for Health Development:

• Institution of National Primary Healtcare: 


• OvidiuRo:

• GSK Romania:

• Romanian Ministry of Health:

• National Public Health Institute:

• Romanian National Society of Family Medicine/General Practice:   

• World Health Organization Romania:

• National Agency for Roma:

• Roma Center for Health Policies SASTIPEN - health mediators:

• Together for Rural Health Program – medical students organizing health caravans:

• Directorate General for Health and Consumers:


• ETP Slovakia:

• Gypsy Spirit Award: 

• Medical Education e-Portal:

• National Emergency Center:

• Open Society Foundation – Bratislava:  

• Platform for supporting health  of disadvantaged groups:  

• The Office of the Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities:

• The Slovak Association of General Practitioners:

• Trnava University – Public Health Department:

• WHO Country Office in the Slovak Republic:


• Europe for Patients:

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