Romania - GSK report. June 2015

GlaxoSmithKline’s three­‐year grant in 2012 allowed AsociatiaOvidiuRo (OvR) to add a much needed health component to its Fiecare Copil in Gradinita program, which incentivizes poor parents to send their 3­‐5 year old children to preschool and kindergarten (gradinita).


As results of the project:

 1600 children received medical tests, vitamins, medicine, vaccines and/or speech therapy;

 1500 children attended Summer Health Schools;

 1500 people were seen by visiting physicians through five medical caravans;

 1000 two--‐year olds and their mothers participated in a six week “preschool prep” program;

 136 teachers were trained in teaching basic health and hygiene notions to children;

 5 women were trained as health mediators and their salaries covered for the first year.


OvidiuRo looks forward to continuing the elements of this project that worked well: providing medicine, vitamins and direct health education to parents and children and making diagnostic services available through medical caravans. In the second phase of this project, OvR intends to focus more on communicating our findings regarding the difficulty of access to health care for poor Roma living in rural communities.